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Mr Bert Hanssen - Technical Director Lightweight Containers

Mr Bert Hanssen - Technical Director Lightweight Containers

Alligator Plastics demonstrates that there is still a place in the Netherlands for professional manufacturing companies that offer considerable added value. Without investing heavily in manpower myself, I can count on rapid development of new and existing products with high added value.

Lightweight Containers is a young company with a very innovative product: the KeyKeg. Bert Hanssen, technical director of LWC, is the inventor of this unique and critically acclaimed concept.

The KeyKeg is a family of single-use casks for beer, wine and soft drinks. Thanks to its high-tech design and light weight, the KeyKeg offers great benefits to hospitality companies. The product enjoyed a successful market introduction, resulting in strong annual growth.

Bert Hanssen began his quest for a suitable production partner for the KeyKeg more than seven years ago. At that time only a handful of injection moulding companies could offer the 2C injection moulding technique: injection of two components in a single mould. Alligator Plastics was among the first. The company made an immediate impression with its professional approach and friendly way of doing business.

In the beginning I mainly saw Alligator Plastics as a good producer for the concept I had developed myself,’ says Bert Hanssen. ‘Soon they began taking on more and more the role of engineering firm, and I could leave a significant portion of the injection moulding-related development to them. By now they know the product practically as well as I do, and their engineering is top notch. When it comes to product enhancements and new product developments, all I have to do is jot down a few key words. The engineers then quickly and efficiently pick up my ideas and find clever, creative ways to implement them. In fact, they often come up with good, innovative ideas of their own. That cuts down on engineering costs within our company. The result of this collaboration is a complete family of KeyKeg products with high added value.

While a portion of the manufacturing industry, including the plastics industry, has been offshored to low-wage countries, Lightweight Containers has deliberately chosen a Dutch supplier. The short lines of communication, the tremendous knowledge, the commitment and the personal contact result in an efficient process and outstanding quality. This simply cannot be achieved with a supplier located in another part of the world. Bert Hanssen is therefore very pleased about the cooperation with Alligator Plastics: ‘In addition to development and production, they also handle the assembly of a number of our injection moulded products. Moreover, they maintain a strategic stock for us, so delivery times are kept very short.

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