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Mr. Cor van Otterloo - CEO Punch Powertrain

Mr. Cor van Otterloo - CEO  Punch Powertrain

The people at Alligator dare to take on complex challenges and possess the drive to achieve clever technical solutions.

Punch Powertrain develops and manufactures automatic transmissions and hybrid drive systems for passenger cars. It is a progressive company with a growing customer base, particularly in Asia, but also in Russia. Their clientele includes Proton, owner of Lotus, and General Motors.

Punch Powertrain approached Alligator Plastics with a complex request that another supplier had tried and failed to fulfil: an air- and liquid-tight electronics housing for a complete controller for the automatic transmission. Among other things, it contains a 32-bit computer that manages all transmission functions as well as the communication with the engine management system and other vehicle systems, including the ABS and ESP. It will come as no surprise that the automotive industry has very demanding requirements for this type of component. The enclosure must be able to withstand all weather conditions, such as moisture, heat, cold and even brine, and it may not develop shrinkage or hairline cracks under any circumstances.

Cor van Otterloo places great importance on the ‘personal click’ when choosing a partner. ‘I had a good feeling straight away when I met the people at Alligator Plastics. It is a dynamic company with an enthusiastic team of employees that takes on technical challenges with gusto. They have wide-ranging expertise and a very solution-oriented approach.’

Alligator Plastics developed a brilliant solution in which the high-quality plastic housing, comprising a container with a cover, is moulded around the connector. This is done using 2C injection moulding in a four-cavity mould. Alligator Plastics looked beyond just their own process and devised a product concept in which ultrasonic welding is used to fuse the cover to the container. Ultrasonic welding results in a short cycle time, a strong connection and is 100% reproducible. This constituted important added value for the process and the quality of the final product. To eliminate all risks, Alligator Plastics also implemented a specific test procedure and developed special transport packaging.

The outcome of the project is a high-quality housing that meets all the stringent specifications and is produced by Alligator Plastics for a very reasonable price.

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