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Mr Geert Kersten - Operations Manager Schellekens & Schellekens

Mr Geert Kersten - Operations Manager Schellekens & Schellekens

Working with the people at Alligator Plastics is great. The lines of communication are short, they shift gears quickly and they are very involved with us as a customer. You can always count on them.

Schellekens & Schellekens was founded nearly 50 years ago by the Schellekens brothers. In the beginning they focused mainly on the residential awning market. Since 1983 the focus has been entirely on commercial buildings and the company has developed into a leading player in the Dutch market. Schellekens & Schellekens has all the necessary expertise in house. Design and manufacturing, installation, and service and maintenance are all performed by the company's own personnel. The company is now part of Hunter Douglas, the world leader in innovative window covering products.

Schellekens & Schellekens has earned a reputation as a very reliable partner that works with the customer to find the best solution and always follows through on its promises. Co-makers are also expected to uphold these core values, because only then can Schellekens & Schellekens make good on its proposition. ‘All the suppliers must contribute to our company's performance,’ says Geert Kersten, operations manager of Schellekens & Schellekens.

This is the reason Schellekens & Schellekens is happy to be working with Alligator Plastics.

Geert Kersten: The relationship with Alligator Plastics has a long history. We have worked together on the development and production of high-quality plastic parts for over 30 years.

It is a pleasure working with Alligator Plastics, because their reliability standards are just as high as ours. Moreover, they are involved in our business and take a pro-active role in helping us find smart, cost-effective solutions.

The most recent project involves the development of a completely new series of props in different versions to match the selection of rods. Working with the engineers at Alligator we devised a clever concept consisting of one tail piece and multiple front pieces. By using exchangeable parts on the mould for the different versions we achieved substantial savings on the mould costs.  Geert Kersten: Together with Alligator Plastics we successfully completed this project in record time, so the market launch went perfectly according to schedule. The cost price of the parts is at a very acceptable level, so we can sell the products at a competitive price while maintaining a healthy margin for both Alligator Plastics and Schellekens & Schellekens.

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