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Mr Marc Gijsen - Buyer Hero Benelux

Mr Marc Gijsen - Buyer Hero Benelux

Alligator is happy to work with you to find solutions. The employees are honest and open and have a solution-oriented approach. They respond quickly, and if the situation calls for it they jump straight into the car to come help us tackle any concerns. They never make it unnecessarily complicated, and they devise simple hands-on solutions.

Hero Benelux is part of a large international organization with headquarters in Switzerland. The company owes its growth to the processing of fruit, particularly in jams and fruit juices. In recent years an important product has been added: baby food. In the Netherlands, Hero Benelux sells baby food under the Friso brand. Other names, such as Hero baby, are used in other countries.

Hero Benelux wanted to develop a storage container for milk powder for its customers and had a concept developed by a design agency: first a luxury version and later a budget version. After a careful selection process, Alligator Plastics was chosen as developer and producer for both projects. The company has its own engineering department, is not too big, has extensive experience with 2C injection moulding and is also located nearby.

Marc Gijsen: ‘What appeals to me most about Alligator Plastics is the no-nonsense mentality. They are good, reliable people to work with, and they know what is technically feasible. They never make promises they cannot keep, and they are always looking for solutions. I liked the fact that both the commercial and technical people from Alligator Plastics were at the table during the initial discussions. That keeps the lines of communication short, so discussions are clear and concrete.’

The Hero Benelux project team learned during the development of the luxury storage container that it is best to involve the manufacturer during the design phase. Alligator Plastics knows what is possible from the technical standpoint and obviously has expertise in the field of plastics. It is beneficial to make use of this knowledge from the very beginning, during concept design. That has a positive effect on the quality of the final product and reduces the turnaround time for the overall project. This collaboration early on led to improvement in the ease of use of the product during the second project.

Another way I felt Alligator Plastics added value was the interactive presentations about the development of the product. They have a large computer screen in Son on which they showed us the CAD/CAM models from all angles. Early on in the process this gave our marketing people a clear picture of what the final product would look like when it reached the retail outlets,’ says Marc Gijsen.

The result of the project is an attractive 2C packing with soft touch that is produced within the agreed budget.



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