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 More than a good product

You have an idea for a new product, product modification or process improvement. That idea is our challenge. Our engineers are experienced specialists in the design and development of new products and applications. They are also excellent project managers who expertly guide your development projects.

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When appropriate, they cooperate with knowledge institutes such as TNO or Mikrocentrum to make effective use of the science around us. We determine the limits of manufacturability and costs in close consultation with you. With this approach, based on the right mix of functionality and design, we quickly find an effective solution every time. This goes beyond just coming up with a good product, because our aim is to produce a distinctive solution and help you achieve maximum profitability. Giving our customers a lasting competitive advantage – that is our objective during every development process. 

 Distinctive concept

Our first step is always to place your question or idea in the right context. Who are your end users? What are their requirements and wishes? Under what conditions will they use your product? This forms the basis for developing a distinctive concept. We carefully consider every aspect and every detail.

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For example, how can we incorporate two different materials into a single product? What about the food safety requirements? Which plastic is sufficiently wear-resistant? Is there a suitable plastic available for this application, or do we need to develop one? How do we achieve sustainable solutions using environmentally friendly products and production processes? 

Based on scale drawings, packaging requirements and quality standards, our engineers then design a 3D model of your product in 3D CAD. Obviously, we then also address matters such as the development and production process, costs, durability and safety. Finally, you decide whether we have found the right solution.

 Product realization process

Does the developed concept satisfy your requirements and wishes? Once it does, we carry out the product realization process. It is during this phase that the technical and quality specifications are established. That means we have your mould created by one of our carefully selected suppliers, a process in which our engineers continue to be closely involved. We order the raw materials along with any packaging materials and the required semi-finished products. 

In short, we take care of all the things that affect production efficiency

 Injection tests, optimization and release for production

Once your mould has been made, we conduct injection tests to optimize the mould and validate the products. We work with you to test and evaluate each version of your product to achieve continuous improvement. The mould is tweaked where necessary. We work quickly and effectively to establish a fully optimized production and manufacturing process. Once that has been accomplished, the next step is release for production: the injection moulding for your first production run.

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