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About Us

Alligator has nearly 60 years of experience in plastic injection moulding. The knowledge we have acquired has been passed from one generation to the next. So our company is young and dynamic, yet has a very solid foundation. Driven by technology and product development. And it shows!


Giving our customers a lasting competitive advantage – that is our objective during every development process. Therefore we combine our technical knowledge and experience in the field of materials and production with our innovative and creative capabilities. These are the ingredients of our success. At Alligator Plastics you are guaranteed clever concepts with an eye for design, and we always keep in mind both feasibility and costs.


Successful product and process development can only be achieved through close cooperation in an atmosphere of openness and trust. Alligator Plastics also attaches great importance to lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. We have many strong, lasting relationships with customers large and small, at home and abroad, in many different sectors.


At Alligator, quality is an integral element of every process. Every employee feels responsible for delivering high-quality products and service each and every time. Throughout production the processes are continuously monitored and tests are conducted to ensure the products meet your requirements. Before the orders go out the door the products are checked again. So you can always count on excellent products.

Alligator Plastics produces for the following companies