At Alligator, quality is an integral element of every process. Every employee feels responsible for delivering high-quality products and service each and every time. Throughout production the processes are continuously monitored and tests are conducted to ensure the products meet your requirements. Before the orders go out the door the products are checked again. So you can always count on excellent products.

Audits and certificates

Alligator Plastics is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 16949 TS (Automotive) certified and we have established our own ‘quality mission’ with objectives we apply to our daily processes. Alligator Plastics is audited by various customers in conformance with the VDA 6.3 standard, GMP and ISO 14000. We are also familiar with standard acceptance procedures such as PPAP and customer-specific release procedures. 


We ensure that customers' qualitative and quantitative expectations with regard to supply of products and services are met.  

We guarantee and continuously improve the efficiency and quality of our organization and business processes. 

This mission is based on the following core values:


We always work with you to establish the quality requirements and standards that are to be met by your product. 


Our focus lies on our primary process: the injection moulding process. Our effective approach is our strength. 


Every employee of Alligator Plastics feels responsible for meeting the established quality requirements and standards in the processes they perform. 

Alligator Plastics produces for the following companies