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Alligator Plastics works for a very diverse clientele. We put our knowledge and experience to work to produce a wide range of plastic injection moulded products for you. Our particular areas of expertise are the following markets, in which we have worked to the full satisfaction of our clients for many years.


In the Automotive industry, the key words are quality and quality control. Replacing metal parts with plastic ones offers great and surprising possibilities in this area.

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Safety is priority number one in the food industry. Alligator offers 100% traceability, a cleanroom for clean production and superior quality control.   

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Medical & Hygiene

Products for the medical and hygiene sector must meet many requirements and above all be reliable. 

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For this traditional-minded industry, where cost reduction is important, Alligator seeks smart, cheaper solutions.     

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In the highly diverse high-tech sector, it's all about functionality.Alligator works closely with machine builders and component manufacturers.  

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 Consumer Lifestyle

Beautiful and functional. These qualities apply to most products in the consumer lifestyle sector.  

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Alligator Plastics produces for the following companies