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Injection moulding

Alligator Plastics provides injection moulding of your plastic products with care, knowledge and experience. Our efficient production processes, prompt deliveries, excellent inventory management and additional services ensure that you achieve maximum profitability. Besides the standard injection moulding process, we also offer the following production techniques. 

Competitive offer

Our experienced production staff, production managers, machine adjusters, mould makers and engineers work together closely and challenge each other in areas such as process optimization and improvements. This leads to an effective injection moulding process for your products. And that means money in your pocket. Our approach is very effective, especially for small and medium-sized series (2,000 to 10,000 pieces). But the efficiency of our organization and the fact that our injection moulding machines can run unmanned through the night mean we can offer competitive prices for large series too

2C Injection moulding

The processing of two different plastics in one mould – called 2C injection moulding – is our special expertise. It enables us to integrate several functions in a single product. Does your product require an anti-slip coating or soft-touch grip, for example? Then two different plastic materials are needed, with different characteristics, colours and hardness levels.

With the 2C injection moulding process we can mould them simultaneously. It is a highly cost-effective technique, because there is no longer any need for post processing or assembly. We can also provide 2C injection moulding under cleanroom conditions.

Insert and outsert molding

With insert moulding, we encapsulate a portion of your product in plastic. The outsert moulding process is used to add plastic details to your product. Both methods have significant advantages:  

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  • Fewer steps are required in the assembly process, which saves time and money.  
  • No fasteners or connectors are required, and by combining of the physical strength of plastic and metal inserts, one can make use of smaller and lighter components. This reduces the size or weight of your product.
  • Encapsulating a component in plastic or adding plastic to it improves shock and vibration resistance. 
  • These techniques provide greater flexibility for the design of the product. 

Cleanroom injection moulding

Products for the food, medical and cosmetic industries require a clean production process. Such products are injection moulded and assembled in the controlled environment of our cleanroom, eliminating the possibility of impurities and contamination. We perform cleanroom injection moulding in conformity with the ISO 22000 standard for food-safe production. As such, your product fulfils the requirements of the food safety standard. 

Thanks to our track-and-trace system we always know when a product was produced, by whom, under what conditions, in which machine and with which raw materials. If, despite our efforts, something is wrong with your product, we can quickly identify the origin and conduct a precise campaign to recall the product.


After the injection moulding we perform careful finishing of your products. We distinguish three methods: 

  1. Finishing (printing, drilling and welding) 
  2. Chrome plating  
  3. Coating 

We have extensive experience with all these methods, and are happy to advise you on the required and most appropriate finish.


We can provide a turn-key end product, fully assembled, with printing, packaging and user manual. Your products are ready for immediate use.

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